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History of the Universal Kempo Karate Schools Association
“Standards of Excellence”

Professor Martin T. Buell, founder of Universal Kempo Karate
Professor Martin T. Buell, founder of Universal Kempo Karate

The Future
The UKKSA is comprised of thousands of students and trainers, both male and female, whose ages range from 3 years to 60+ years old. As the UKKSA experiences prolific growth, quality and innovation is heightened. The quality of trainers and practitioners within the UKKSA is second to none whose progressive methods have produced national and international champions and top-flight demonstration teams. Through the leadership of Professor Buell, the Chief Instructors, and the disciplined efforts of all UKKSA trainers and students, the continued development of mind, body, and spirit of all practitioners is ensured.

Professor Buell continues to inspire greatness and loyalty in all of his instructors and students as he has from the beginning. He regularly conducts training seminars for Universal instructors to enhance their professional skills and to ensure the Universal standards of excellence. His vision of excellence is shared by all within the Universal family, which paves the way for a promising future. Universal Kempo Karate Schools Association is planning on opening many more martial arts training centers throughout the world. We live in a modern industrial civilization in which scientific and technological advances have given man a greater awareness of himself and the world.

The basic needs for food, shelter, and clothing become more difficult to fill because of continually increasing population and scarcity of natural resources. The gap between rich and poor nations continues to widen and this poses great threats to world stability and harmony; a solution must be found for the alternative is political and social unrest, human misery, and possible catastrophe.

The values that a man possesses to direct his way of life are based on the belief that they will bring him happiness and fulfillment. But as is readily apparent those values, which have hitherto guided men's lives, have only engendered grave threats to humanity and even to existence itself.

Universal Kempo teaches that fulfillment and happiness lie in the realization and expression of true nature, humanity, and the unique potentialities and capacities, which characterize individuality.

Values must also be readapted toward the realization of this goal. Universal Kempo teaches that moral criteria and values must be grounded in the nature of things.

Man is endowed with life and great potential, and as a participant in reality, he is at once the cause and effect of everything that he encounters since all things are interrelated and interacting. Man can create a better world, a better life for himself, and establish the middle way of heaven on earth. It is in his power to do so, and it is his responsibility. Every individual has a responsibility first to himself, to the society of which he is a part, and through society of mankind. The degree of responsibility depends on the extent to which the individual possesses special capacities, special knowledge, and special power that is his because of membership in a special group.

Universal Kempo envisions a future in which individuals can truly be themselves and give full expression to their potentialities and capacities in both work and leisure. Meaningful leisure must be creative living requiring great discipline and initiative. Universal Kempo also envisions a future in which men bound by good human relations and cooperative effort, work for the glory of mankind an not its destruction, in which the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing are accessible to all, and in which man's natural and social environment are conducive to the fulfillment of his nature and the expression of his potentialities.

Man's tomorrow depends on what he does today. There are shadows of impending doom and the growing complexity of the world increases the burden of shouldering one's individuality and responsibility to an almost impossible degree. But this is man's challenge; accepting its call is the only way to alleviate the suffering facing us today and of securing happiness and fulfillment. It's also the way to contribute to the process of evolution and ultimately to give meaning to individual existence.

More Than Martial Arts!
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